East Park Property Management Services

We’ll get your property rented quickly with quality tenants. A sign in the yard is the best way to let prospective tenants looking in your area know that you have a residence for rent,  we’ll do advertisements, flyers, listings, etc., as necessary. We’ll handle the calls, screen the prospective candidates, run credit and background checks and get your property rented.

We act on maintenance requests quickly both to keep tenants comfortable in their residence and to maintain the property’s asset value. We deal with all maintenance costs as if the property were our own; we want expenses low, but deferred maintenance always costs more. We find that correct balance with repairs and upgrades to maintain value while managing costs. We work with multiple vendors so we can have repairs made quickly and cost-efficiently. If you’d rather, we’ll also work with your preferred vendors. In either case our objective is effective repairs, made quickly, with costs always in mind.

We perform visual inspections on a regular basis to ensure occupancy, cleanliness, and routine maintenance. In addition, we provide Certified Inspections as necessary —  but they can be costly. The right balance is the key. Certified Inspections by industry professional are always needed when purchasing a property, and are sometimes needed during a tenancy or when a tenant leaves. Achieving that balance between the information that inspections provide and the cost of inspections is where we differentiate ourselves; we treat every property as if we owned it and were spending our own money.

Tenant Selection
We personally interview and screen each tenant and conduct formal background and credit checks to help ensure your renters are the kind of tenants that you really want.

Management Fees
We charge reasonable fees for our services; a first month leasing fee when new tenants are selected, a monthly management fee, and, as necessary, a modest management fee for acting as coordinator when extensive rehabs are needed.We don’t charge extra fees, and we don’t mark up costs on services, maintenance, products, or repairs. We don’t charge a renewal fee when tenants extend their lease.We do submit management reports monthly via email, and communicate via email, phone, or any other necessary means.

Electronic Accounting